Brooklyn Dell HP Computer Repair and Data Recovery Service

2021 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11229
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  • Google User May 15, 2009

    They saved me money by running diagnostics I had a broken laptop screen and wanted to get it fixed. Called around to get pricing and then found this shop. They said why are you going to just replace a screen if you haven't checked the rest of the machine? I went there and they ran the diagnostic tests. It showed that my hard drive was failing and my ethernet jack was flakey. My machine was probably dropped by my son who didn't own up to it. Thank god I spent the 40 and didn't spend hundreds extra only to have the machine fail later. This shop saved me a lot of money down the road.

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  • getfreesw Dec 26, 2008

    Very good repair work done for me and very good pricing I had a Dell laptop repair done there and their pricing was very good compared to Best Buy and other professional businesses in the area. The turnaround was also much quicker than Best Buy. Best Buy will give you an estimate in 2-3 weeks and repair thereafter. Here I was able to get an estimate in 2 days and a repair done 2 days later, less than a week total. They usually give an estimate in 1 day but they were very busy. To the people complaining about pricing - Best Buy charges $70 for a diagnostic and repairs start at $200, so all in all this place gives much better value for the price. Also they are the only professional computer repair service center left in South Brooklyn. They have stayed in business by providing quality services consistently over many years, while many others on Avenue U have come and gone - trying to play the low price game. My company has used them consistently for our office computer repairs and many people use them.

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