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  • Ron Sep 6, 2009

    Very Fair Price I got Century's number from Google and was very happy with the results I got. My company was stuck in a bad lease and Century was able to exonerate the remaining payments and get us a better machine for less money. I would highly recommend them.

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  • Yesenia Jul 11, 2009

    Professional, quick service response We found Century over the internet and they now manage our fleet of copiers and printers. The Senior Account Manager, Ron customized a thorough, cost savings plan where we no longer pay for toner or parts. It has saved us a lot of time and money. I would recommend these guys to any business looking to cut costs.

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  • John Feb 23, 2010

    They Made a Difficult Decision Easy..... We are a large Legal services firm located in Midtown. After a 3 month vetting process of several firms we chose Century Business to install and maintain our fleet of Copier/Printers and Facsimiles. Ronnie and his team recommended the most efficient proposal that included PC Fax and Bates-Stamping from all of our Networked workstations. I would highly recommend this firm to any Purchasing manager.

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