Chaz Dean Studio

6444 Fountain Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028-8135
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Chaz Dean Studio
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  • relish Jan 30, 2012

    the greatest service, it starts from the moment you walk in and stays long after you walk out. the stylists are extremely kind, helpful and knowledgeable. the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly, and clean. i get compliments all the time from random people saying they adore my hair, i tell all my family and friends to goto chaz dean studio, try it, you'll love it!

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  • PunkRockPrincess Aug 11, 2011

    That person whose review sits down star...does not state a thing about the Chaz Dean studio itself, just about what he ASSUMES about Chaz himself. I too have not had a studio experience but at least I know and love his products. I wish that I personally could afford to visit the Chaz Dean studio but I am lucky enough to have been introduced to WEN products. I first saw Chaz Dean on Flipping Out (on Bravo). I was first moved by his kindness towards Spirit...the homeless woman that was living on the property that he purchased. Unlike most people who would have thrown them off their land and just not cared at all, he brought her food, water and provided her a safe place to be. Yes, during her time there, Spirit passed but as you could see in interviews and the memorial service he did for her, he cared for her very much. I may not know the man but I am happy to give a person with such amazing kindness in his heart for humans and animals alike, my money for a product that not only makes my very very African American hair (which I choose to keep natural) softer and more luxurious. (BTW...I use the fig product, my Irish/Mexican mother uses the lavender and my boyfriend uses sweet almond) ... Anyhoo, I am off point here. His products are great, from what I know of his social views, I am happy with him as a person as well and will continue to be a long time WEN purchaser and who knows, maybe someday I will be lucky enough to have my TWA (teenie weenie afro) styled by Chaz himself! Keep up the great work ...much love to everyone involved at Chaz Dean Stuidos and with WEN products!

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  • matt Jun 1, 2010

    PEACE AND INTEGRITY! Chaz has been my stylist for ten years because he is fantastic at what he does and is a person of integrity and good character. His salon is peaceful and zen without loud music and the noise you usually get in Hollywood. His stylists are trained by him personally and are always in pleasant spirits. Even when the place is busy, it never feels that way. I love the dogs greeting me when I come and the serene garden setting. The personal attention is fantastic and I always look forward to my visits there! Well worth every penny and then some!

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