Darrell's Boots & Shoe Repair

4444 1st Ave NE # 209, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-3223
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  • Somebody Mar 14, 2008

    Ok I guees Took a few shoes to get some work done on. Told me would be ready the next day. Came back two days later and the still were not ready. Called next day, wasn't ready, finally on the fourth day he was finished. Quality was ok. I guess what I am getting at is call him before driving out there to pick your shoes up. FYI - cash only, no credit cards, there are some ATMs at the mall.

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  • Robert Oct 24, 2009

    Always prompt I have had a number of shoes repaired here. I think he does an excellent job of estimating when the shoe will be ready. Usually I can spend some time shopping and pick up my shoes before the mall closes. $3 to repair my riding boots, done before closing, and he tried very hard one time to find a heel back for a western boot.

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