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840 Hammond Street #2, Bangor, ME 04401-4339
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Dragonfly Therapy
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  • gracie Dec 31, 2011

    I have been to been to five different physical therapists and can state with confidence that Dragonfly Therapy is in a class by itself. I have a very unusual problem and the physical therapists have had to be creative to help me regain strength and flexion. In addition to offering a team of excellent and dedicated physical therapists, Dragonfly has special gait training equipment which was tremendously helpful. I highly recommend Dragonfly Therapy.

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  • Mackilt Sep 30, 2011

    I had not heard of Dragonfly when I was referred to them, but now I go twice a week and have become familiar with the staff and facility. I had been to other inpatient and outpatient PT before Dragonfly, so I do have a decent base of reference. My therapy is specialized, as I am an amputee, but I am also a 45 year old acive male that appreciates the quality and expertise that Dragonfly has to offer. They have helped me to recover from my injuries, and get my body back to it's original functioning form. I strongly recommened Dragonfly to anyone who wants to get their body and mind back on track!!

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    Physical therapy and occupational therapy services are tailored to your needs with the excellent customer service you deserve.
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