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Five Guys Burgers and Fries
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  • Google User Jul 28, 2009

    burgers I went there it was good. I don't know what the pricey means when you go out and someone is cooking good burgers and fries 4 is not going to free, not bad prices ff 2 big hamburgers 15. how much do you think it should be $5.00?/ and free refills on the soda we got. I o not think that is bad for 15.00 people need to make a living too!

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  • Ctmoult Mar 27, 2011

    Great burger place. My husband loves the regular burgers which are huge, but a junior is just the right size foe me.Delicisou fresh burgers. Tons of fries. Free soda refills.Great for a splurge once in awhile.

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  • aarondanieldean Jan 11, 2010

    Fast Food's GOOD again! I was whisked back to a time when fast food was COOKED- not fabricated . This is a great family spot. (good, speedy service; REAL FOOD, generous portions) This is burgers and fries that will help you children to grow strong- not obese and unhealthy. Five Guys is a breath of fresh air for the Fast Food Epidemic.

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