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  • reviewer777 Mar 8, 2009

    Great smoothies! The staff is always friendly. This Planet Smoothie is right next to Greens and Grills. I love their Chocolate Elvis, Acai and especially the Two Piece Bikini. I definitely recommend this place!!

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  • Indulgent1 Jan 21, 2011

    I really love this place, but I'm sorry - almost 7 bucks for a smoothie! I also saw they were selling Cliff Builder's Bars for twice as much as 7-11. Where's the value??

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  • Will Jul 10, 2009

    Best Smoothies! I always enjoy going into the store. The staff are nice and make some of the best Planet Smoothies! My favorite is the Spazz!

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    Smoothies, smoothie, fruit, acai, protein mixes, workout, weight loss, fat burner
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