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  • DANIEL Jan 13, 2010

    Great Job! Thank you! I had to ship my family's Christmas gifts overseas 15, 000 miles away and they were all ceramic platters, souvenier glasses and crystal ornaments. I did not have not even a slight scratch on any ot them. Perfectly done job. Plus, I was able to use one of their current coupons. That is to work with private profesionals in the undustry rather than corporations where no real pesron is available unless you are on hold for 30 min and no one as capable of being hold responsible!!!!

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  • Vida Apr 20, 2010

    Great Art Shipper I have been a client of Pro-Pak for years. I am an artist and I ship framed work on paper several times a year. The work arrives flawlessly every time. I am going there right now to ship a painting.

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    Specialized Packing, Shipping. Artwork, Antiques, Artifacts.Domestic & International Shipping. Export Crating, Estate Allocation. Art & Antiques Shows.1st Packing Company In The World!
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