Manhattan Pizza Restaurant

  • Bravo Pizza

    257 Park Ave S # 2, Manhattan, NY 10003
    User rating:
    chicken and broccoli stuffed fresh mozzarella ham and pineapple meat stuffed the chicken parm
  • Frank's Express Pizza

    127E, 23rd Street Manhattan, NY 10010
    User rating:
    Slice Specialist Since 1949 *Formerly known as Frank's Pizza ; still under the same management.
    lexington red sauce regular slice sicilian the sicilian thin crust whole pie
  • Manhattan Brick Oven Pizza

    300 East 72nd Street, New York, NY 10021-4774
    User rating:
    Price: $ (Cheap)
    crispy eggplant parmigiana italian specialties poland spring water slice sun dried tomato the crust
  • Previti Pizza

    Manhattan, New York, NY
    User rating:
    Located in the historic Chanin Building, Previti Pizza won Best Pizzeria in Midtown , by midtownlunch,com readers poll two years in a row.
    artichoke cream sauce fresh mozzarella roast beef sandwich truffle cream
  • Manhattan Heroes

    168 West 27th Street, New York, NY 10001-6202
    User rating:
    appetizers cold sandwiches garlic knots pasta dishes rosa's pizza
  • Acqua

    718 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10025
    User rating:
    Price: $$ (Moderate)
    brick oven fresh italian the sicilian thin crust wood-burning oven
  • Manhattan Pizza

    1157 Broadway, New York, NY 10001
    User rating:
    deep dish italian restaurant new york style thin crust tomato sauce