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College in South Bend

Ivy Tech Community College
220 Dean Johnson Boulevard, South Bend, IN ...
Mc Kenna Library
54515 Indiana State Route 933, South Bend, ...
School of Business & Economics
1825 Northside Boulevard, South Bend, IN 46...
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Church in South Bend

Spiritual Israel Church
3517 West Washington Street, South Bend, IN...
Mt Carmel Missionary Baptist
137 East Indiana Avenue, South Bend, IN 466...
St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church
52455 Ironwood Road, South Bend, IN 46635
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Caterer in South Bend

The State Cafe & Catering
117 East Wayne Street, South Bend, IN 46601...
127 S Michigan St, South Bend, IN 46601-190...
Ciao's Italian Restaurant
501 North Niles Avenue, South Bend, IN 4661...
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